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Here's How It Works

1. Choose Your Stash

Which one will you choose? Do you really even get to choose or does your jerky stash actually choose you? Time will tell. All we can say is that the suspense is driving your taste buds CRAZY!

2. Pick Up the Mail

The anticipation is almost too much to handle. The day you walk out to your mail box and find your glorious jerky stash waiting there for you. What's in the box? The mystery can finally be solved!

3. Eat!

Your very own jerky stash is finally here! Will you eat it all in one sitting or savor it for days?  We only ask that you thoroughly enjoy it. You thought you loved it this time, wait till you see what we have for you next month!

The Stashes

The pictures below are examples of the kind of jerky you might receive in your Jerky Stash box. Every month will bring new and exciting types and flavors! We're continually scouring the country to find the best of the best when it comes to all things Jerky. You never know what we may find, but we are certainly excited to bring it to you. So don't worry, we'll do all the work so you can just sit back and enjoy!

The Cache

The Cache is a great and affordable way to see what Jerky Stash has to offer. This box comes with 4 delicious types of Jerky. Choose the Cache and enjoy a great sampler of excellent Jerky. We can’t wait for you to give it a try!

The Stash

The Stash is one of our most popular boxes, and just to be clear, we're not talking facial hair. This box packs a bigger punch bringing you 6 unique kinds of Jerky. Choose the Stash and you'll have plenty of variety to satisfy your jerky cravings!

The Hoard

The Hoard is meant for someone who seriously loves jerky! This is the biggest of them all and comes jam packed with 8 amazing types of Jerky. The Hoard brings the best value, and the greatest variety, period. Choose the Hoard, and die happy.

Your Gourmet Jerky is Waiting!

Won't it be great to never have to search for delicious jerky on your own ever again!?

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